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Architecture Photographers

Architects are passionate artists. Their creative process of design spans multiple perspectives to achieve beauty, functionality, sustainability and structural integrity of the buildings that they bring to life. They guide engineers, builders, decorators and other suppliers to realise the final outcome of the building project.

Architecture photographers strive to photographically capture the architects creation in a pleasing and aesthetic style. They generally use perspective control lenses and advanced image processing techniques such as high dynamic range (HDR) composite imaging to achieve this result.

Before commencing an architecture photography assignment, I’m keen to understand the architect’s thoughts regarding the special and positive features of the building design and to determine when and where the light falls across it’s facades which illuminate the scene in the most pleasing manner.

Plans are made to ensure access to the relevant areas of the building and that those areas are free on obstructions, have clean windows, have had signage removed, etc. It is often important to establish a line of communication during the photography period to keep things moving smoothly.

Uses for architecture photography include : Architecture Awards  |  Web site  |  Artists impressions  |  Promotional and sales signage  

Some Architecture Photography Clients

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